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International Santa Marina Film Festival 2019

Mon, 19-Aug-2019

We are honored to announce that Santa Marina was the host of the first edition of the “Santa Marina Film Festival”, which took place last week on Friday, August 16th.

The event attracted the interest of all moviegoers who eagerly awaited to see the selection of films in both children's and the adult’s competition programs.

The international jury members - Ilya Antonenko, Urmas Yomees and Evgeny Sannikov, had the opportunity to evaluate the professional skills of all 15 directors with their specially selected films for the festival.

The audience played a key role in choosing the best films at the “Santa Marina Film Festival”. In the competition program for adults, the winner is the film of Alex Kharitonov, "The Bribe", which has already won many other awards at different international festivals.

However, after the much-contested result, the most votes of the audience went to the film by Anna Kritskaya,”Dubak”, which fascinated not only the youngest but also the adult viewers with its contagious humor. The grand prize "5-day free vacation in Santa Marina in the 2020 season", in the first edition of the festival grabbed a participant from the children's competition program.

We look forward to seeing the winner visit Santa Marina Holiday Village personally and attend the next edition of the “Santa Marina Film Festival”, as well as show her new films to her fans.

We thank our partners Ilya Antonenko and Ekaterina Antonenko, without whose help and assistance this event would never have taken place!

Expect us next year in August, when we will have the pleasure to show selected films again to all movie buffs!