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Santa Marina Film Festival

Wed, 26-Aug-2020

For a second year in a row, the annual Santa Marina Film Festival will take place at Santa Marina Holiday Village, Sozopol.

Continuing the tradition from last year, the festival gives the opportunity to all connoisseurs of short-film production to witness this year’s selection of movies for kids and adults. The international jury assures that the movies will enchant with their unorthodox vision and plot.

Our desire to give a field for performance to Bulgarian film directors has led to the launch of a new category - Bulgarian competition program, in which our viewers will witness short films by Bulgarian film directors, which are specially selected for the event.

We are happy to announce that this year, the festival has its own social focus, giving talented Bulgarian children the opportunity to perform on the big stage. As hosts of this festival, we understand the challenges facing all artists and the limited opportunities to demonstrate their professional skills to a broad audience. This provokes us to be part of those who support the young talents of Bulgaria. The audience will have the chance to applaud the kid's choir "Burgas Voices" and the kid's dance group "Street Jazz Burgas", which will contribute to the magical atmosphere during the evening.

The festival starts on 27th August, at 20:00h, with the Bulgarian competition program and will end on 28th August, at 20:00h, with the International selection of films, where the winner will receive the Grand-Prix  - "5-day holiday in Santa Marina Holiday Village“ in 2021.


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