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Dendrology park "Santa Marina"

Santa Marina Holiday Village owns a rich collection of over 330 local and exotic tree and shrub species diversity which together with the mold number rise up to about 400 taxons. This fact ranks the gardens of Santa Marina Holiday Village in species diversity to the University Botanical Garden in Balchik and Varna, located on the Northern Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

Given the impressive results of the research (before the start of resort development) originated the idea that the dendrology collection of Santa Marina Holiday Village to be exposed and the complex to become a kind of a Dendrology* park.

Biodiversity is exposed by creating dendrology routes with information boards. The routes follow the main pedestrian areas in order not to disturb the tranquility of apartment owners and guests.

The great variety of species in Santa Marina is not accidental; over the years our professional landscape architects and gardeners were selecting plants, taking into account various environmental factors and choosing the most appropriate ones.

* Dendrology (from Latin dendrum and Greek δένδρον - tree) - a part of botany, science for woody plants (trees, shrubs, woody vines)


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